Happy Holidays from Better Sleep Inc.

Published December 22nd, 2022

Hannuka has begun and Christmas is just around the corner! The lights are strung, the candles and ornaments are twinkling and frost is gathering in the corners of the windows. Family travel itineraries are being shared and the delegation of drivers is being assigned for pick up. Recipies are being reviewed and our best dishes are being set out from their china cabinet resting places. At Better Sleep Inc. we hope this holiday season finds you relaxed and well-rested, ready for the festivities with your health fortified and in the background of your thoughts.

We don’t typically want to think about our health, we just want it to support the things that matter to us. Such is our relationship with sleep as well. It’s definitely not in the forefront of our thoughts, but without an adequate amount of it, everything else seems a little farther from reach! So how do we make sure our sleep and health support the demands of the holiday season? Sleep is the foundation of our health and it’s important to listen to the signs your body gives that can be warnings of trouble to come. Snoring is one of those warning signs that shouldn’t be ignored! Snoring is a precursor to obstructive sleep apnea and is good cause to talk to your doctor about getting a sleep test. At Better Sleep Inc. with Dr. Alina Lyons that sleep test is interpreted in as little as 72 hours by a board certified sleep specialist that will give you a comprehensive picture of the underlying problem. Better sleep begins with better breathing and oral appliance therapy can provide a unique and effective solution.
The American Psychological Association found that 38% of people say their stress increases during the holidays. It’s no surprise that most people report getting less sleep during this time as well. There are a number of different culprits that claim our much needed beauty sleep during our favorite festive season, but the reality of sleep loss wreaking havoc on our bodies can make for less than desirable and even dangerous outcomes. Fortify your sleep foundation! Talking to your doctor if snoring is present is first and foremost in forging a path to wellness and calming stress. Don’t skimp on sleep! Prioritize sleep like you would prioritize any work-related assignment or family project because adequate sleep helps you handle stress. There’s no tackling the effects of holiday anxiety without addressing the relationship between stress and sleep.
Better sleep coupled with proper nutrition is a perfect pairing with the kind of positive energy-enabling power that’ll have you holiday-primed! Healthy holiday dishes and proper portion sizes help ensure you have the energy to tackle all of your plans. This may seem difficult with all the delicious choices, but there are actually quite a few health benefits to some of our seasonal favorites! For example, sweet potatoes aren’t just a delicious excuse to use marshmallows! They’re packed with vitamin A, vitamin C, and manganese as well as cancer-fighting properties making them quite the holiday helper! Your holiday turkey has the sleep-inducing amino acid tryptophan, as well as being a great source of lean protein! Cranberries are another great choice not just because they’re sweet, tart and delicious but because they help lower blood pressure, improve immune function and ward off urinary tract infections for starters! Whether it’s mineral-rich pecan pie, or vitamin packed pumpkin pie, there’s many health benefits to some of our most beloved holiday dishes and in moderation, that’s worth celebrating!
Exercise is key in reducing stress and aiding better sleep. Wintry weather can make this a more challenging feat, however, the benefits outweigh any schedule maneuvering or home-environment modification! if you are more of the gym-resistant type trying to avoid the inevitable post-holiday influx consider some in-home alternatives or brave the wintry panorama to embark on some truly frost-embracing winter sports like snow-tubing, ice skating, skiing, etc. Yoga is a fantastic and home-friendly source of healthy strength training, flexability and mind-quieting meditation for the more winter resistant, proven to reduce stress. Whatever appeals to your comfort or convenience, the importance of movement and exercise cannot be overstated! In fact, according to Neuropsychologist Amrita Sharma PhD, “Exercise also modulates the secretion of major neurotransmitters, dopamine and serotonin, which are linked with treating depression. Indirectly, exercise improves mood and sleep, and reduces stress and anxiety.” During the holiday season, mindful nutrition, regular exercise and better sleep can help provide a much needed buffer against the demands and intrusive wintry elements that can ensnare us in a vicious cycle of exhaustion and lowered immunity.
Get ahead of the “New Year, New You,” mantra and give yourself the gift of better health by ensuring better sleep as the foundation for your wellness. Building from there with proper nutrition and exercise gives you the greatest advantage for acheiving those New Year’s resolutions that follow all the holiday fun! Beating the post-holiday winter blues by prioritizing your wellness is priceless, but if sleeplessness persists, visit us at Better Sleep Inc. with Dr. Alina Lyons to see what oral appliance therapy can do for you. From our family to yours, enjoy a wonderful and healthy holiday season and a very happy new year!