Biweekly newsletter of Better Sleep Inc. -
Issue #3

Published December 8th, 2022

The Holiday season is here and with it come all the joyful moments we share together, thankfully, after the not too distant isolation of our shared pandemic experience. It’s easy to be grateful surrounded by loved ones and the ambiance of holiday glow but the underlying stresses of the season can come at the cost of our health. Managing stress and better sleep go hand and hand but this is easier said than done! The holidays serve up a unique set of challenges when it comes to maintaining our good health and putting our best face forward. Better Sleep is the foundation for getting through cold and flu season with all the added viruses rearing their ugly spike proteins at your immune system. For people suffering from obstructive sleep apnea and other sleep disturbances, achieving better sleep is that much more important!


Sleeplessness and stress are fairly common though dreaded holiday companions, however, prolonged exhaustion requires attention. If long duration exhaustion is a dim reality for you, it’s definitely time to talk to your doctor about taking a sleep test! At Better Sleep Inc. with Dr. Alina Lyons, our at home sleep test is taken in the convenience of your own home and the results are ready within 72 hours. A board certified sleep specialist will interpret those results for you providing insight into the underlying causes of sleep deprivation. Giving yourself the gift of better sleep during the holidays has wider implications than a more merry disposition! Treating obstructive sleep apnea and other sleep disturbances helps protect your heart. Given sleep’s inclusion into the metrics of heart health, according to the American Heart Association, ignoring sleeplessness is at your own peril!

Paying attention to the warning signs your body provides, like snoring, can actually be a life saving measure! Snoring is a precursor to obstructive sleep apnea, a condition characterized by the recurrent obstruction of the upper airway during sleep resulting in a lack of oxygen that can have serious health consequences. If you or your partner snore, talk to your doctor about obstructive sleep apnea. Treating OSA is like giving a gift to your heart this holiday season, and giving your partner the gift of better sleep as a result! In fact, sleep has been proven to play an integral part of our relationships! When sleep deprivation persists, we’re much more likely to overreact to circumstances that usually wouldn’t leave us aggravated. According to Neurologist Christopher Winter, “All of the things it takes to make a relationship work are probably completely decimated by lack of sleep.”


Better Sleep during the holiday season ensures better health and a better experience. Fortify your immune system so your time can be better spent enjoying the things that matter most. From our family at Better Sleep Inc., we wish you a healthy, happy, and well rested holiday season! While you prepare your family favorite holiday spread, consider some of these delicious sleep promoting foods that’ll help end your holiday on a high note!